Take a walk on the wild side ... with Wild1 Leashes


Wild1 leashes are designed/made for outdoor adventures/activities - from casual city strolls to walks in the woods, to hiking in the mountains and running at the beach or in the snow! 

WILD1 leashes are made to withstand all terrain and all climates from grass, mud, sand, asphalt, water, snow ... you name it it will endure it! 


You’ll find Wild1 leashes have different unique design styles and colors and are one-of-a-kind


Wild1 leashes are more comfortably than other leashes. They are designed to be firm and strong but supple/flexible and soft on the hands. No more rope burns from those flat nylon leashes and those retractable leashes.


Wild1 leashes come in different lengths measuring from 4ft to 25ft and we custom make any length you would like.

* For casual walks we suggest our WILD1 LEASHES measuring 4ft - 6ft in length per city regulations.

* For running and biking we recommend our WILD1 HANDS-FREE LEASHES measuring 7.5ft - 10 ft. Comes with an easy-carabiner clip around your hips.

* For training purposes we suggest WILD1'S FREEDOM-ON-A-LEASH measuring anywhere between 10ft - 25ft this lead is made to withstand up to 500 pds.


Wild1 leashes are versatile and multifunctional and can be used in many different ways.


Superior quality, strength, durability, flexibility, versatility, uniquely designed, soft, comfortable, weather resistant, specially made for rugged terrain, made in Canada, will last for years!