Hi! I'm Wild1

Don't let the name fool you I'm not really that wild! I'm a real sweety.

My mom suffers from a rare brain tumour that is inoperable in Canada and she's having a hard time keeping up with me so she designed these really cool long leashes so that I can go at my own pace ... and we all know that's fast!

I love to run around and hunt and smell the flowers so these leashes give me more freedom... although I know I'm restricted somewhat but that's a good thing because I have no recall.

Believe me... if I wasn't on a leash I would be off chasing rabbits and deer and cattle! When I'm in "the zone" I don't hear anything but the sounds of nature calling me. 

My mom has taken the best of care for me in the last 5 years of my life. We've been able to go hiking and play in the snow but her health is declining and some days we can't go for all day hikes. So this way we take our time and I still get to run and have fun!