Canadian Cysters need your help!

It all began with strange symptoms...

Lorie's story reflect the story of several Canadians who are on a similar journey.

  • a mysterious illness
  • multiple specialists visits
  • extensive testing
  • no answers
  • years of declining health and misdiagnoses or no diagnoses at all

After many trips to many specialists and diagnostic tests Lori did some research and by chance she learned about Pineal Brain Cysts and Tumours and connected the symptoms that made sense.

All we have to do is get treatment and get my life back ... needless to say 8 years later its not that simple. ~ 

Lorie is one of a few of the lucky ones that was able to seek the guidance of 2 leading world expert Neurosurgeons. Dr Charlie Teo in Australia and Dr Henry Schroeder in Germany.

Friends and family are donating and fundraising to support treatment outside of Canada, which is not covered by our Canadian healthcare plan, but we need your help and support!

Canada Wake Up!
The cost of being misdiagnosed is costly for the healthcare system.
The cost to patients could be their lives.

Patients battle a stigma everytime they enter the doctors office which is why we need strong leadership, openmindedness and awareness from all of us here to move forward.

We have been extremely patient... its time for change!

As more patients fall ill we feel the need to ensure that others don't have to experience the devastating affects of not only loosing their quality of life but struggling to receive treatment.

This is how we came to develop Pineal-Gear to raise awareness in Canada and world-wide.